Man looking at stockholm city hall from across the water
mountains seen from a train window

Haptic interface to e-government service – we need more APIs

A small hack to simplify the application for temporary parental benefit for care of children from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan). Typically this involves multiple steps in a web browser. Now, moving a doll to a square and the computer will send relevant information to kindergarten and the social insurance agency.

Diagram of an arduino based lego execution robot. A computer monitors twitter for "I hate lego" and push a small lego figurine over the edge via a servo.

Method and system for monitoring Lego hate on Twitter

(Cunningly illustrated using patent application art). A small Python script monitors twitter for the phrase “I hate lego”. Upon finding a matching tweet it sends a signal to an Arduino board that turns a servo pushing a small lego figurine over the edge of a table. Live example here (at approx 7:30). A hack for the Make All event in Stockholm. Read more…

Meanwhile, on the west coast of Sweden

A small crab attacked my GoPro camera.

Minecraft screengrap showing cows in fron t of colored boxes representing the government expenditure of the united kingdom.

Visualizing Statistics in Minecraft

Data about public sector spending is often hard to understand and compare. Statistics about government is often presented in tables. In this hack I have used open data from Eurostat (the EU statistics agency) about government expenditure for a set of countries and rendered sets of boxes in a Minecraft world. This makes it possible to explore the data by walking (flying) around the world. Read more…

The Queue Ticket UX

The queue ticket machine in Uppsala, Sweden. Read more…

The Art museum of Sven-Harry

Publishing Open Data – Do you really need an API?

As open data is gaining momentum an increasing number of organizations are thinking about ways to make their data available for others to use. Here are some thought on how to approach design issues when making open government data available. Read more…

Exam questions for Harvard admission in 1899

Harvard University Entrance Exam 1870

One can not help but wonder how many Harvard freshmen would pass this exam today.  Read more…

A visualization displaying the relation in size between objects.

Data visualization tools

With the increasing availability of big/open data more people discover a need to make it understandable. One way of understanding data is by looking at it. As I have received a lot of questions lately here is a roundup of tools you can use to create visualizations of data. Read more…

Plant Boy

Keeping goals to yourself increase chances of completing them?

Frame from a pong game controlled by the Kinect

Pointless Pong with Processing and the Kinect

I did a quick excursion using the Microsoft Kinect in Processing with Daniel Shiffmans excellent Kinect library. Source code for Kinect Pong is here.

Barcelona Run