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A short summary of Codemocracy 2010

On september 4-5 we had our first open data hack day here in Sweden called Codemocracy. The event was a success (thank you Martin Svalin!) with close to 50 participants hacking away at various data sets. I did an intro on the state of open data but tried to keep it short so that everyone could start coding as soon as possible.

On Sunday there were 12 teams presenting their apps. Some of the teams had used public transport data made available by the Viktoria Institute but many were scraping government websites for lack of proper API:s. In the 24 hours set aside for the competition the following apps were created:

More info at the official Codemocracy website. Many CC pictures are in the Codemocracy Flickr group.

I am already looking forward to the next event!

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  1. Hey there! The codemocracy event you described above looked really successful. My friends and I held a similar one in our city:

    Would you be up for joining us and many other from around the world, on December 4th for the International Open Data Hackfest. The idea came from here: and you can sign up here:

    Looking forward to coding with you,

    Mary Beth

  2. Maybe you could accept ideas from non-coders for what users are interested in, and see if the coders can do it. Basically have a type of competition.