The following tests are available in Raakt. These generate error message objects. Each error message has an id and a description text. See Error message ids for more information.

  • check_areas: Check area elements and make sure they have a non-empty alt attribute.
  • check_character_set: Verify that the charater set specified in HTTP headers match that specidied in the HTML meta element. This test will be skipped if you don't pass a hash of http headers when setting up the test.
  • check_document_structure: Verify that heading elements (h1-h6) appear in the correct order (no levels skipped).
  • check_embed: Verify that the embed element isn't used. It does not provide a way to express a text representation.
  • check_fieldset_legend: Check all fieldsets and make sure each fieldset has a legend element with text content.
  • check_for_formatting_elements: Check that none of the following elements are used: font, b, i, u, tt, small, big, strike, s. styling should be done in CSS.
  • check_for_language_info: Make sure the root HTML element has a non-empty lang attribute. See also check_valid_language_code below.
  • check_for_nested_tables: Make sure the document doesn't contain nested tables.
  • check_form: Check that all editable form elements have an associated label element connected via the for attribute.
  • check_frames: Check that all frames have a title attribute.
  • check_has_heading: Check that the document has at least one h1 heading.
  • check_images: Check that all img elements have an alt attribute.
  • check_input_type_img: Check that image buttons have a non-empty alt attribute.
  • check_link_text: Check that the document doesn't contain ambiguous link texts. A typical example is several links with the text “Read more” pointing to different URLs.
  • check_refresh: Check that there isn't a meta element conatining a refresh instruction.
  • check_tables: Make sure each table has at least one table heading.
  • check_title: Check that the document has a non-empty title element.
  • check_valid_language_code: Check that the first two characters of the lang attribute value on the HTML element is in the list of valid |ISO 639-1 language codes.

Relation to other evaluation methodologies

This table lists the Raakt tests and how they relate to tests defined in other accessibility evaluation methodologies, e.g. the UWEM 1.0 (Unified Web Evaluation Methodology) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0.

The table is not complete yet. Mapping is underway.

Raakt test UWEM 1.0 WCAG 1.0
check_areas1.1_HTML_01Checkpoint 1.1
check_document_structure3.5_HTML_03Checkpoint 3.5
check_for_formatting_elements7.2_HTML_01 and 7.3_HTML_01Checkpoint 11.2
check_for_language_info-Checkpoint 4.3
check_for_nested_tables-Checkpoint 5.3
check_form12.4_HTML_02Checkpoint 12.4
check_frames12.1_HTML_01Checkpoint 12.1
check_images-Checkpoint 1.1
check_input_type_img1.1_HTML_01Checkpoint 1.1
check_tables-Checkpoint 5.1
check_title-Checkpoint 13.2 (partial)
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