Just an observation, but everytime I speak about Rails with Dotnet developers they are less impressed than their Java counterparts. This may not be so strange considering that Rails solves a lot of issues unheard of in the Dotnet world.

Some issues that Rails solves that I have found that Dotnet developers typically find easy are:

  • Deployment: Drag nad drop new files to the web root of your Dotnet application and you are set.
  • CRUD operations for database tables.
  • Configuration files: Most applications get by with the web.config file. It is not as clean as the typical database.yml but it can be changed on the fly without restarting the application.
  • Set up of development/production environments. This of course depends a lot on what type of application you are doing.

No to say that there isn’t any advantage to swith to Rails for Dotnet developers but I believe you aren’t as likely to switch if you haven’t felt the pain.