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Bigger Screens for the Glorious Benefit of Productivity!

I have been seeing more and more information on how bigger screens increase productivity of software developers (or professional computer users in general). The latest entry is by Martin Fowler in “How do you improve the productivity of software developers?:

I used to raise eyebrows fifteen years ago by recommending that every developer should work on a 21 inch screen. These days I say that everyone should have at least two 20 inch screens.

Together with previous research and the coninuing price drop of large monitors it should be fairly obvious that the small investment on two monitors per developer is money well spent. Oh, and you should probably make sure your computer is capable of driving two high-res monitors. Maybe it is time to upgrade one of those shiny MacBook Pros?

Here are some links to help you write that procurement request to your manager:

  1. I’ve certainly found myself being more “happy” using a bigger screen. And being “happy” should mean being more productive.

    However screen management is also helpful. On my Linux workstation I used virtual desktops all the time… so one screen with my code (usually in more than one window), another with the compile or run time, another screen with necessary documentation open and then screen with the front-end of the app I’m developing & testing.

    Unfortunately it can be a bit like buying a bigger house… u only end up buying more stuff to fill it up again :)


  2. I don’t think it is possible to drive two external monitors from a MacBook Pro… Or am I wrong?

  3. Kevin you can, there’s a third party splitter that matrox makes. It’s how people have been running dualhead on minis for the last year or two.

  4. I am using the Matrox splitter and it works perfectly. A multi screen desktop makes me feel more productive. I am not sure if I am though.

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