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Staying Up-to-date With Technology During Parental Leave


So, after Christmas and New Year’s Eve I am on parental leave until October 2007. Nine months is a long time in the technology industry so I am planning some projects to keep up-to-date. My project list is getting longer every day but for some reason no-one is taking it seriously. My wife tells me I should be happy if I manage to read the morning paper while taking care of our son…

My primary aim is of course to be with my son, but I think it is important to keep somewhat up-to-date with what’s going on in the industry. I now I’ll have at least one hour per day when he is taking his daily nap and I guess I’ll have to cram as much as possible into that time slot.

I decided to take up my photography interest while on parental leave and ran out to get a new DSLR. I ended up with the Sony A100. I find it interesting that having a baby is a real good reason to pick up some new gadgets. Expect a Flickr sidebar to appear when I have managed to fill the 1 Gb memory card.

What’s your experience form when you were on parental leave? Did you manage to read up on technology discussions? Did you do any interesting coding projects? How much did you spend on new gadgets that you thought were absolutely essential?

  1. Just have fun with you new kid as much as possible. You’ll find time for tech as it goes on.

    Over here in the states I’m awaiting my first by the end of the year, but sadly only two weeks of ‘leave’.

  2. I ended up getting a new laptop (had to return the company laptop while I was away) and a camera. Had a wonderful time with my daughter and didn’t care about staying up to date at all. In the end I guess the new laptop was a total waste of money, but we had a lot of fun taking pictures during our daily strolls.

  3. Chad: Two weeks seems rather short. I guess we are lucky to be able to stay at home longer over here.

    Drew:: I look forward to grabbing some pictures as well. I’ll see if I can manage without my MBP. It seems unlikely right now…

  4. Hi Peter,

    Enjoy spending time with Lucas! I got myself a new camera for Christmas too soo, Looking forward to sharing some photo’s soon. Keep us up to date on your family leave adventures.

  5. I had a great time with our first daughter. didn’t have much time to do programming stuff though. Between feeding and keeping the house intact there wasn’t much time…

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