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Slit-scan Photography (Stockholm Geekmeet presentation)

Last night, Robert Nyman hosted yet another successful Geekmeet in Stockholm. I got one of the lightning talk slots and decided to skip my planned presentation and instead show some of my experiments with slit-scan photography. The presentation slides (in swedish) are available (8 Mb PDF) here. For more pictures see the set Slit-scan I over at flickr.

The processing code for time lapse captures through the iSight camera with a static centered slit looks like this:


Capture cameraSource;
int capwidth = 1280;
int capheight = 1024;
int outwidth = 1024;

int currentColumn = 0;

boolean keepDrawing = false;
boolean isDone = false;

void setup()
size(outwidth, capheight);
cameraSource = new Capture(this, capwidth, capheight, 30);
cameraSource.crop(capwidth/2, 0, 1, capheight);

void captureEvent(Capture cameraSource) {
if(cameraSource.available()) {;

void keyPressed() {
keepDrawing = true;
isDone = false;

void draw() {
if(keepDrawing) {
if(currentColumn<=width) {

image(cameraSource, currentColumn, 0);
else {
keepDrawing = false;
isDone = true;
currentColumn = 0;

void saveImage() {
//yeah I know...

String d = String.valueOf(day());
String m = String.valueOf(month());
String y = String.valueOf(year());
String h = String.valueOf(hour());
String mn = String.valueOf(minute());
String s = String.valueOf(second());

save("scan" + y + m + d + "-" + h + mn + s + ".png");
  1. Good stuff! I couldn’t attend the Geekmeet, but looked through your presentation and the Flickr set. Had never heard of slit-scan photography but it sure was an interesting concept!

  2. See also ScanCamera, it is a very nice iPhone App for doing slit-scan without having to spend a lot of money!

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