You may ask yourself “who is that?” or “wtf?!” but the fact is that in the near future he will have a much greater impact on your life than you may think. Here is why you should head over to his blog and post a random comment about Yak shaving and, if possible, create a link containing the words “Yak shaving” pointing to his blog. With a little bit of effort and luck Google will pick it up and Niklas will be the number one result for people from inner Mongolia.

Although unknown to most people on the giant global graph, Niklas Lindström is the inventor and sole developer of Oort. And:

  1. Oort is a Python toolkit to work with RDF data.
  2. Python will rule the world and RDF will be the primary way of connecting people in the Giant Global Graph.
  3. The Giant Global Graph will be the natural entry point for the first self-aware computer (let’s call it “The Machine”) to gain control of humanity.
  4. You want to be treated nicely by The Machine.

Therefore you should become friends with Niklas by celebrating his birthday so that he may prevent the scenario we all became aware of in the documentary “The Terminator” a couple of years ago:

The Giant Global Graph

He may be our only hope.