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Dear DHL (and all other logistics companies)

Dear DHL (and other logistics companies because you tend to behave exactly the same). How is it that you are able to move my package from the UK to Sweden fast as hell but spend several days trying to move it from your terminal to my home address in the same city?
Visa DHL delivery på en större karta

Like most people living in Stockholm (and other cities I guess) I live in an apartment building to which you have no access. Also, like most people, I work during the day. Nothing special, just normal office hours, about the same hours when your drivers drive around the city trying to deliver stuff to the empty homes of people who are at work.

Knowing that you will fail to enter the building where I live (it doesn’t really matter since I’m not at home anyway), I have tried to contact you to see if I can do a part of your work by going to your terminal myself to pick up my package.

For some unknown reason you can’t refrain from trying to deliver it my empty home. Maybe it is in he nature of logistics people inherited in genes from loyal post office workers of the good old days?

Anyway, this means I have to wait for you to fail delivery and take the package back to your terminal and then send me a message (through regular mail) that you failed. A process that takes several days.

When I walk home from work I pass a 7-eleven with a sign that says “DHL Servicepoint”. It is bright and yellow and only about 150 yards from my home (I can almost see it if I lean out through my living room window). Intrigued by the words “service” and “point” I inquired, though your eminent call center, if it was possible to have the package delivered there instead? I was hoping I could save both you and me some work (and time). For unknown reasons you are not allowed to deliver my package to your own servicepoint. Words fail me.

My second suggestion was to change the address so that you may deliver it to my workplace instead. It is a bit of a gamble since I am in meetings throughout the day and may not be around at the exact random time your delivery guy tends to show up. This was possible, your friendly call center employee told me, but we have to try to deliver the package to your empty home first.

How hard can it be? I had a crazy idea. What if logistics was all about making use of information to optimize flows of goods?
Visa DHL delivery på en större karta

  1. Hehe, been there done that.
    Had a similar experience but with an added twist: when UPS (different company, same #@%&!) had failed delivery at my home (prerequisite for next step) and I asked them to deliver it to my workplace, to which they agreed (sullenly, but still), they could only do this if I told them the zip code to my workplace. I had no internet access at the time of the call and I humbly asked them if they, being a delivery company, could maybe provide this themselves since there is only one such street in Stockholm, the answer was a resounding – you guessed it – no. When I asked the person if she could use her computer to have a look at she hung up.
    I had to find the zip code and call back at a later time, repeat my case and next day finally got it delivered.
    Read this guy’s story, hilarious if a tad angry:

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