in e-Gov, Open data launched

Says the Open Government Working Group:

The Internet is the public space of the modern world, and through it governments now have the opportunity to better understand the needs of their citizens and citizens may participate more fully in their government. Information becomes more valuable as it is shared, less valuable as it is hoarded. Open data promotes increased civil discourse, improved public welfare, and a more efficient use of public resources.

…and this is why I have launched – an initiative to bring swedish public sector data online in open formats. Initially the website contains a catalog of public data sources and information about licensing and formats used.

You can help out by suggesting datasets form the swedish public sector.

  1. This is excellent! Let’s hope for a lot of interest in this from public, companies and agencies alike. Great initiative!

    Of course, after Open Data we should require Linking it, so we get Linked Open Data.

  2. Dear Peter, Would you be able to do a presenation about at a meeting about PSI (Public Sector Information) issues – European progress in Stockholm on the 24 Nov 09? Your work on will be of interest to the meeting audience (Swedish and participants from other European countries). European PSI Platform meeting, Stockholm, 24 Nov 09.

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