Mimin pendant dining table lamp

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The Mimic Pendant Lamp

This is a prototype for a dining table pendant lamp. A camera monitors what’s underneath the lamp and tries to mimic the colors it sees with the LED:s on the top of the lamp. This creates a somewhat matching ambient light in the room.

It is made from oak wood and it uses a Python script on a Raspberry PI Zero W for the image analysis. The drawback is that the boot time is close to 20 seconds. Next version will use the smaller ESP32 module which hopefully will have a faster startup time.

Color calibration for camera images in different lighting conditions and LED color was harder than I thought.

Bill of materials

  • Oak wood (200 cm x2 and 10 cm x 2)
  • Individually controllable LED strips 2 x 1 m
  • 5A 220V to 5V DC power supply.
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W.
  • RPI-compatible camera module.
A led strip mimics the colors from pink tulips in a vase.
The brown table turns to red while the pink flowers seem to work OK.
A led strip mimics the colors form a green bowl with a lemon.
Not visible properly because of bad photo but tries to mimic the green and yellow from the bowl and lemon.
A led strip mimics the colors form a green bowl with a lemon.
Not color calibrated. Green turns to blue in the LEDs.

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