Self-imposed RSS reading ban…

Am I alone having trouble staying away from the RSS reader? With the number of subscriptions I have there is always something interesting to read. This absolutely kills productivity when you try to use the 1 hour free time per day you have when you are on parental leave. Must. Stop. Reading.

And who cares about the recommended refresh rate property anyway? I want to update NOW! I need some sort of time lock on all things RSS.

Maybe I should stop writing pointless blog posts like this as well. Aaargh!

Staying Up-to-date With Technology During Parental Leave


So, after Christmas and New Year’s Eve I am on parental leave until October 2007. Nine months is a long time in the technology industry so I am planning some projects to keep up-to-date. My project list is getting longer every day but for some reason no-one is taking it seriously. My wife tells me I should be happy if I manage to read the morning paper while taking care of our son…
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