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A few WordPress themes with an emphasis on accessibility and standards compliance.


Download Puritan 1.1 (zip 74Kb)

A basic greyscale theme. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 (derivative works need to mention my name and link back to this page in the theme description). Features:

  • Layout tested in IE6, IE7, Firefox 2.0, Safari 2.0 (Mac) and Opera 9.
  • Valid HTML 4.01 (at least from the theme’s perspective. You may still be able to mess it up with the inline editor) and valid CSS.
  • Proper use of title (which also makes it SEO friendly). The start page title is [blog name] – [blog description]. Single post and pages title is [post title] – [blog name].
  • Easy-to-read font in a proper size. No justified text (which research has proven to be hard to read for most people. Remove the button from inline editors now!).
  • Stylesheet for printing. This stylesheet hides the navigation area and makes the page lok good on paper.
  • Stylesheet for handheld devices. Please note that some devices (typically running Pocket Internet Explorer) erroneously applies all stylesheets insted of only the handheld one. Nevertheless, the included handheld stylesheet makes the blog easier to read on a smaller screen.
  • Proper spacing between list items which makes reading easier.
  • Specific styles for the blockquote and code elements.

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