Error message ids

Raakt tests generate the following error messages:

Error id (eid) Description
missing_title The title element is missing. Provide a descriptive title for your document.
empty_title The title element is empty. Provide a descriptive title for your document.
missing_alt Missing alt attribute for image (with src '%s').
missing_heading Missing first level heading (h1). Provide at least one first level heading describing document content.
wrong_h_structure Document heading structure is wrong.
first_h_not_h1 The first heading is not h1.
has_nested_tables You have one or more nested tables.
missing_semantics You have used %s for visual formatting. Use CSS instead.
has_flicker You have used <blink> and/or <marquee>. These may create accessibility issues and should be avoided.
missing_lang_info Document language information is missing. Use the lang attribute on the html element.
missing_th Missing table headings (th) for table #%s.
ambiguous_link_text One or more links have the same link text ('%s'). Make sure each link is unambiguous.
field_missing_label A field (with id/name '%s') is missing a corresponding label element. Make sure a label exists for all visible fields.
missing_frame_title Missing title attribute for frame with url %s
has_meta_refresh Client side redirect (meta refresh) detected. Use server side redirection instead.
charset_mismatch The character set specified in the HTTP headers does not match that specified in the markup.
embed_used You have used the embed element. It does not provide a way to express a text representation.
wrong_lang_code You have used a language code ('%s') not recognized in the ISO 639 standard.
fieldset_missing_legend Missing legend element for fieldset #%s.
missing_input_alt Missing alt attribute for image button with id/name '%s'.
missing_input_alt_text Missing alt text for image button with id/name '%s'.
missing_area_alt Missing alt attribute for area with id/name '%s'.
missing_area_alt_text Missing alt text for area with id/name '%s'.
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