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Will Squid Rule the Earth?

A recent catch by New Zealand fishermen brought in a 992 lb Colossal squid (pictured below).

A 450 kg colossal squid

If squid are as intelligent as the octopus we should start getting worried.

Octopuses often break out of their aquariums and sometimes into others in search of food. They have even boarded fishing boats and opened holds to eat crabs.

The solution is probably to increase funding to research that aims to produce sharks with lasers on their heads:

Sharks with lasers

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  1. Ah, yes, those sharks indeed seem excellent in defence against maritime nightmares. I’m just a little worried about the consequences when the squid learn to adapt their skin texture and pigment to that of mirrors.. Not to mention if some of the fluorescent ones start tinkering with lenses and such.

    We just might end up having our gristle-based cohorts
    mortally caressed once again.

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