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Will Rails ever run on IronRuby?

I met Ola Bini at the local Geeknight the other day and we had a brief chat about platforms, Ruby and RDF among other things. Ola mentioned that he wasn’t sure that Rails wuld run on IronRuby – Microsoft’s implementation of Ruby for the CLR.

I have been following what John Lam has been writing about their progress (and I correctly predicted him joining Microsoft:-) and it appears that running Rails is a goal of the IronRuby project. But, will that be of interest to Microsoft? MS recently launched the first version of an MVC framework for the ASP.NET platform. This seems like an attempt to satisfy the curiosity of .net developers that have seen screen casts and office mates develop apps in Ruby on Rails. The framework is part of the Visual Studio 2008 offerings.

If you were able to deploy a Rails app by dropping a DLL on a Windows web server I can see Rails popularity exploding. The .net platform seems to occupy a mid-level segment of application hosting operations, right where Rails development seem to be.

Only time will tell I guess.

  1. Given that Rails runs on JRuby, I would think that Microsoft would be very interested in getting rails to run on .NET. Of course, I could just be hoping, as I’m hedging my bet on that being the case.

  2. As a guy who appreciate Ruby, Rails and DotNet as well, I’ve followed Ruby on DotNet since RubyCLR. I really believe IronRuby is going to change the way people work with DotNet a lot.

    I also believe Rails will run on IronRuby, but more important we’ll see new (web) frameworks in the spirit of Merb or Camping appears, and new testing tools as well.

    2008 is going to be a great year!

  3. Rails *will* run on IronRuby. As will all other ‘pure Ruby’ frameworks that don’t use features we can’t implement (today that’s only call_cc).

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