After the previous experiment with a character based recurrent neural network (RNN) for romantic novel titles I wanted to find more details about word level RNN:s. I was happy to find that Sung Kim has made it easy to explore word-level RNN:s with Tensorflow in this repository. Training text is 50/50 Christmas carols and death metal lyrics.

Output examples below. (added line breaks and bolded lines that seemed like reasonable song names :-). The resulting texts seem choppier than the character level RNN I tried previously. But still fun!

Christmas is Mutiny

Santa fall is running around my place,
Bound to take your power, tonight.
Next Lord of death,
Rudolph the pestiferous Desire To Noel,
Fa-la-la-la-la. I’ll hear my hippopotamus.

Death With rage Bound to popping;
And time Glory to town.
Majestically doom!
Filled with blood In their ruthless Bloodstorm!

O Christmas

O Christmas, build a one-horse open day In the year.
Toys at his deer,
A bit of fury, Our Christmas Grandma can walk the truth.
Absence of demons
[Chorus] Oh down the ash of the seeker, And like the merry organ,
night setting into their head
Please take the primal shape. [Chorus]

Okiku doll of a snowman

Okiku doll of a snowman, be it I saw them repent.
The pig prison, pick him into your rage,
Shake Saints with time, Jingle finally great every anywhere,
O tidings of night enwrap from the frosty air.

Ding, giddyup, lie beam beginning in high.
Over you my name with our soul.
When the glory Hail! And praises the life in the bed;
The incarnate musical la-la-la-la

Christmas is your mother

Christmas is your mother
Falling with my last light
The empire be here On the blanket or Helminthes Gee, Santa rest.
The Jester of Italy.
Hey! baby Prayer on,
Bright forces! Slave! of their soul.

I’m lost they can go,
We just keep your King.
Everything wind loud is denied! away!
Between Christmas-time sweet,
Kill for brilliant sight,
SNOW Zombies white.

Hoof-prints of their insanity

Hoof-prints of their insanity
Bright forces! Slave!
All he can’t drown in me, why High I go.
that we broke this medication,
of the wide open sleigh.

With inferno is lies
I must find both to a Merry Christmas.
With Mommy’s mother’s
Create Christmas Eve creatures away!!!

(Image, remixed, from Europeana/British Library)