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November 3: Twitter friend icon impersonation week begins

For a long time I have been amazed how much expression you can get into the twitter icon. It is only 48 by 48 pixels but many of my contacts manage to squeeze a lot of style in there. So, starting on monday november 3 I will change my twitter icon once every day trying to impersonate people who follow me on twitter. At the end of the week I’ll publish all icons side by side for your viewing pleasure. Anyone else up for the challenge?

(note: if everyone in my feed does this there might be a slim possibility to see all my followers looking like me. Apart from me, who will look like someone else. Ah, the excitement!).

  1. I’m in!

    Hope to see a round shaped one during the week ;-) I havent seen many that have a round icon in Facebook and other networks like I have. But it is very visible with a round picture in a row on all square ones. I read something about round design in general. It is not just for fun that popular (both web and gadget) design have rounded corners these days. By instinct, things with round and not so sharp and angled shape is not as frightening to us humanbeeings. The round shape of the icon also goes well together with my round face ;-) And by the way: I have got a couple of friends in FB just because of my round-shaped icon.

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